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Our Client Service Standard

The office staff for Boomin Credit are some of the bests in the credit repair business. With a wide range of experience within the industry, our repair specialists and administrators take pride in prompt communication with our clients. Available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, Monday thru Friday, a dedicated office member is readily available to provide real-time information and excellent customer service.

Boomin Credit Connects

Boomin Business Credit Connect - When it comes to business credit, we are giving away all the game for “free” to members only! Skip paying thousands to companies who claim they can get you business credit. We are the “Disrupters” and as a Boomin Credit member you will get the tools you need to create or build up your paydex score to 80 or more.

We make sure you that pick the right business credit cards as well as the banks and if you need office space to conduct business, no worries we got the connect with the commercial office space in almost every state who will get you in a great office building without all the headaches and hassle. We got you!!!

Boomin Real Estate Investment Connect - If you are looking to get into the real estate investment field, no worries because we have a connect who can get you started as soon as you are ready. Our connect provides Fix & Flip Exposure Limit, Bridge, New Construction, and Single/Portfolio Rental loans to residential real estate investors across the country. Helping our clients overcome traditional financing hurdles and build long-term wealth through real estate investment.

Oh, and one more thing-we are talking about No-Doc Investment Loans. Yes, you heard what we said, ask about it we got you!

Boomin Car Connect - As soon as you are ready we will connect you with our Car Guys who deal with our clients exclusively. They have an incredible inventory of cars, most of which have been drastically marked down. You can choose from all kinds of vehicles as well as a number of e-auto lease deals. It doesn't matter if it's a convertible, coupe, crossover, van, or truck, they can deliver it directly to your office or home.

Best of all, your new vehicle can be insured and financed in-house. This hassle-free experience is something only our “Boomin Car Connection” can provide. Plus they offer a Price Match Guarantee*,

Boomin House Connect - Based on your credit score we will connect you with a mortgage lender tailor made for your situation. Our Mortgage guys treat our clients with respect and integrity, ensuring the best lending rates, along with a smooth house buying process. Whether you are looking for a first-time buyers loan, VA loan or FHA, no worries they got you covered.

Boomin Personal Loan Connect - Ask about our personal loan connection. If you need a personal loan to boost your credit or for whatever reason we got you. No worries, as long as your credit meets the proper criteria (as a member it will “lol”) we can set you up with the “Right Loan Guy” not the wrong one, trust us we got you.

Available to Boomin Credit Clients (Just Ask)

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