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Any questions you have regarding our credit repair services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Here at Boomin Credit, we understand that sometimes things just happen and unfortunately, life can hit us hard. If you are repairing your credit with us and due to unexpected circumstances, you must cancel your service, no worries. As a courtesy we will keep you on file for 12 months so when you return there will not be a 1st month membership/audit/enrollment fee. We do recommend that you keep your credit monitoring service so you can track your score and keep your identity theft insurance to ensure your security, trust us it’s worth it!


Unlike most credit repair companies, we offer our clients "1Package” for "​1Price" which includes “Everything”. We acknowledge there are  other credit repair companies that offer a good service just as we do but the big difference is our "Pricing!" Compared to what you would get from their most “expensive package” out of the 3 or 4 that they have to offer, you will be getting from us at Boomin Credit for an all in “Single Package" at a significantly lower price.

Boomin Credit

Services and Pricing 

  • $299.00- Includes the 1st Month Membership/Audit and Enrollment Fee
  • $25.00- Monthly Fee (this is a month-to-month membership fee for up to but no longer than 6 months.
  •  Credit Monitoring Service
  • Full Credit Report Review
  • Collection Accounts Removal
  • Boomin Credit Connects
  • Derogatory Items Removal
  • Full Credit Sweep
  • Fast Score Boost 
  • Credit Education
  • One-on-One Session to Review Progress
  • Finance Overview/Recommendation Call
  • Month to Month Credit Report Update
  • Mon-Fri Customer Support via Phone (Email on Weekends)

Is Your Credit Boomin?

We take our job seriously when it comes to our clients personal information and credit report. Not only do we increase credit scores, but we also provide “Identity Monitoring Protection”—meaning if the identity of a client is stolen or scammed, they have insurance for the loss! We also give our clients a lot of information and connections that will be extremely useful on their way to the top.

In advance, we would like to say to all of our future clients—Come on and Sign Up, don’t waste any more time because whatever the problem is with your credit, Boomin Credit can handle it. All we ask of you is that while we are working on your credit, make sure to give us a call before applying for any loans or revolving tradelines. Thank you and leave the rest to us. We got You!

Requirements for Boomin Credit Members

As a Boomin Credit Member, you must keep your bills paid on time and follow your credit repair specialists' recommendations in order to maximize your credit score growth. You are also required to make your monthly credit repair payment on time in which enables us to do our job successfully. Any questions regarding these requirements please don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email, all office visits are to be scheduled. 

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